Imilchil the Wedding Festival
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* Hearing the local stories is a must
* Don't Forget to buy local products (the walnut, dried fig, and apples), which are bio and delicious.
* Don't forget to bring heavy, winter clothes with you, it is so cold right there
Details & Program

The Day before the Festival

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The arrival day, in which you will arrive to Imilchil one day before the festival. You will need to have rest because it's a long trip to arrive to Imilchil. 

The Wedding Festival Begins

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The first day of the Festival, the locals and the tourists gather in Imilchil center to take the transportation to the Souk (30 km). The Souk is a vast place in which the locals of every village that surrounds Imilichil offer their domestic animals (sheeps, goats, donkeys, camels, and cows) local fruits and vegetables, clothes, art and hand crafts, in addition to food products. Then in the evening you will be back to Imilchil to enjoy the music and dancing when the Festival of the Music of the Peaks starts. 

The Day of the Wedding

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The program will be the same but this time you will be attending the main event. The Wedding in which +40 couples get married in the same time in an atmosphere of joy, love, and happiness. The ceremonies start all over the place with different songs and local music like Ahidous. The festival is an opportunity for young boys and girls who want to get married without making much effort in traveling 250km to another city to do the marriage certificate, the festival is an opportunity to do all these legal procedures easily and for free. And after all these ceremonies people go back to Imilchil Center to attend the second day of the festival of the music of the peaks with famous amazigh singers.

The Lakes -Isli and Tislit of Imilichil

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The last day of the festival, will be left to visit the lakes of Imilchil. Isli and Tislit the locals narrate stories about them and some of them relate the wedding festival with the story of the lakes. The story (The Amazigh Romeo and Juliet) is about a couple who were living in two different tribes. Those tribes were in conflict, so when the couple decided to get married their families did not accept because they are in war with each other (To Be Continued during the Trip…)

The Leaving Day

Your trip has come to an end. 

Thank you for choosing our services and see you next time :).

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