Imilchil, Capital of Romance
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The Arrival Day

Hotel: Hotel 4-5

Welcome to Morocco, you will find our driver waiting for you to take you to the hotel. You will have the rest of the day to rest and prepare yourself to start the journey.

Marakech-Demnat-Azilal (Ouzoud Waterfalls)

Hotel: Comfortable Auberge

After you had  your rest, and your dlicious breakfast. We will take the road to Demnat, a Berber city in the middle Atlas mountains. The road full of  small towns and villages with beautiful and stunning views, when we  are going to arrive to Demnat we will go to visit Imi Nifri. The most visited place in the region, a natural arc that forms a bridge next to the river of Tislit. Later we are going to move to the high atlas mountains to the main destination of today Azilal and Ouzoud waterfalls.after few kilometers. The region is full of panoramic views and natural sceneries, the cascades are an ideal idea to do any time of year. The waterfalls are accessible from every part the top and the bottom, in adition to some local made boats that take you next to the falls. Finally you will go to your accommodation.

Ouzoud Waterfalls - Beni Mellal - Imilchil

Hotel: Comfortable Auberge

After your tradtional and delicious breakfast next to Waterfalls of Ouzoud, we will complete our journey to one of the main destination in this region. Beni Mellal a beautiful city that has a great history that gathered Arabs, Amazigh and Jews together. We will visit the garden of Aîn Asserdoun, a charming garden with a some small and beautiful waterfalls in addition to trees and grass everywhere. Just next to the garden we have a historic castle built on the top of the mountain of Ain Asserdoun's garden. Later, after you take your lunch we will have a very short visit to the medina of Beni Mellal and discover its old streets. Finally we will take the road to our main destination Imilchil through a fantastic, a stunning road between mountains.

Discover Imilchil

Hotel: Comfortable Auberge

Welcome to thecapital of Romance, Imilchil is one of the few villages that has a lot of stories to tell. After your brakfast in the auberge, we will do some hiking with a local guide to the most famous lakes in Morocco and in the world. Isli and Tislti two lakes between them 5 kilometers, each lake exists in a territory that belongs to a tribe (Ait Iaaza and Ait Brahim). Moreover, we are going to see the cave of Akhiam which is the prefered destination for scientits (Geologistes) in one of the places visited in Imilchil regions, Valley of Agdal.

Imilchil - Marrakech

Hotel: Comfortable Riad

After a wonderful day in Imilchil, we will take the road back to the red city, Marrakech to have a last glance and to prepare yourself to your flight in the next morning. When we arrive there you will have the rest of the day to do some shopping and buy some souvenirs.

The Departure Day

The departure day has arrived, your flight will be waiting for you and our hugs will keep you warm till you get to your country

Thank you for choosing our services and see you again our Friend ! :)

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Destination city Imilchil
Departure city Marrakech
City of Passage Beni Mellal, Bin El ouidane- Ouzoud, Damnat.