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The Story Begins - Casablanca

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Our driver will be waiting for you in the airport of Casablanca with a sign that contains your name and the logo and name of our agency. You will be taken to the hotel to have a rest and to prepare for tomorrow

Casablanca - The Home of Children of Murdock Bengio

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The beginning of our educative trip starts today with a visit to the museum of Judaism, before it becomes a museum the house was called “The Home of Children of Murdock Bengio”; an orphanage that was protecting Jews’ children who lost their families. It was built in 1948 by Célia Bengio in the memory of her husband Murdock Bengio. Then we will visit the main synagogue in Casablanca (There are more than 30 synagogues), Temple Beth-El, One of the most famous places for Jewish worshipers in the city, with its colorful windows and its unique architecture. Finally, the last places to be visited in Casablanca are the Quarter of Mellah and the Cemetery of Jews.

Casablanca - Meknes, The City with two Mellahs

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After taking your breakfast, we will take the road to Meknes. One of the four Imperial cities of Morocco, it became the capital of Morocco under the reign of Sultan Moulay Ismail (1672-1727). Meknes with the Mellah Quarter (Meknes is the only Moroccan city that contains two Mellah Quarters, the old one constructed in 1682 and the new one in 1920), which was famous by its Jews citizens (Whenever you hear that Quarter name you should know that it’s a Jew’s Quarter, then a quick visit to Talmud Torah and Synagogue, an ancient school in which Jews used to learn their holy book

Meknes - Fez, and the Little Jerusalem

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You can’t visit Meknes and let Fes. We consider them as the twin cities. So, after having your breakfast at your accommodation, we will travel to Fez. The capital of Morocco right before Rabat, it is considered as the scientific capital of Morocco with the first university in the world “University of Al-Quarawiyin”. It was and remained the capital of Morocco during the rules of different dynasties that ruled Morocco. Even though, the rulers were always muslims’, in 1276 the era of the Marinid Sultan Abu Yusuf Yaqub the Jewish population of the city grew and they established there Quarter the Mellah, which is in our plan to visit in addition to the Jewish cemetery and the temple of Solica. We can’t visit Fez and we don’t go to Ibn Danan Synagogue that was nominated as the World Monuments Watch and World Monuments Fund. Then there will be a small visit to the city of Sefrou, capital of cherries, little Jerusalem because its high percentage of Jews

Fez - Beni Mellal - Marrakech,

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Our next station will be the red city, Marrakech. But before we arrive to Marrakech, on our road there will be a short visit to the city of Beni Mellal. This city also has a Jewish cemetery which still exists till today, and a temple of a Jewish saint next to the most visited place in Beni Mellal “Aîn Asserdoun”, a tourist resort. After we arrive to Marrakech you will have the rest of the day free to do the shopping and visit places you want to visit that are not involved in our plans (Jemaa EL Fna…)

The Jewish Part of Marrakech

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After the breakfast, our visit to the Jewish places in Marrakech starts with Mellah the jewish quarter that exists in most of the Moroccan cities. But we can’t reach the Mellah quarter without going through the Ben Attar gate, a stone arch named after Rabbi Ben Attar (A Jewish saint). When people pass through the gate they touch the frame hoping for a stroke of luck. Like Mellah, the cemetery also can be found in those cities and can not be separated with Mellah quarter. Also wherever you find the Mellah quarter and the cemetery you will find also a synagogue. We will visit the Slat al Azama synagogue of Marrakech, founded in 1492 by the Jews who fled from the Spanish Inquisition.  

Marrakech - Essaouira

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Our last station will be Essaouira, which hosts every year the annual pilgrimage of the Jews all over the world to visit the grave of Rabbi Haim Pinto (Moussem of Rabbi Haîm). We will leave Marrakech after finishing the breakfast, and the arrival day to the Essaouira will be a day of relaxation and a day to enjoy the sunbath in Essaouira’s beautiful beaches

Essaouira, The Pilgrimage City

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Many of Essaouira houses still have the Star of David above the doorways of Jewish homes. The first place to visit after the breakfast will be, the synagogue built by Rabbi Haim Pinto in the old Jewish quarter, in which thousands of Jews each celebrate their Hilloula between 19th and 22th September. Today the house and the synagogue of Rabbi Haim are preserved as religious and historic sites. A small tour in the narrow quarters of the Jewish quarter would refresh our memory and eyes. Essaouira’s two Jewish cemeteries are open to be visited. A few streets away there is another synagogue named Slat Lkahal, historic and authentic site that we will visit. 

The End of Our Story

This journey can be called a Journey into the Jewish Part of Morocco; the aim behind this trip is to show the good harmony and the peace that were gathering the muslims and jews in Morocco. The 9th day will be your last day of the trip and you can either choose to be transferred to the airport or any other place you want to go to.

Thank you for your trust and using our service, Take care and see you in the next trip!

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