Along The Coast, Discover the North of Morocco
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The Arrival Day

Hotel: Hotel 3-4*

After you arrive to the airport, our driver will take you to the hotel, so you rest and prepare to the start of our trip on the next day.

Casablanca - Rabat

Hotel: Hotel 3-4*

Right after your breakfast you will be transported to the city of Rabat, the capital of Morocco, in which we will visit several places. The beginning will be the mausoleum of Mohamed V which located on the opposite side of Hassan Tower, and it contains the tombs of the Moroccan king (Mohamed V) and his two sons (King Hasssan II and Prince Abdelah). In the same place we have Hassan Tower a mosque that was built under orders of Abu Yusuf Yacub Almansour, the 3rd Caliph of Almohad Caliphate, in 12th century but not completed and it’s considered as the second highest minaret with 44 meters and the first largest one in the world. Then we will get lost in the old medina of Rabat with its narrow and little streets, being here without a local guide would cost a lot of time just to find a way out. Finally we will take you to your accommodation.

Rabat - Asilah - Tangier

Hotel: Hotel 3-4*

After your breakfast in Rabat we will take the road to the next station the city of Asilah. A seaside city and a fortified town that was built in old ages, the city has known different rulers from different dynasties. The Phoenicians, the Portuguese, and the Spanish dynasties were here before it was recovered by the Moroccan government in 1978. This mixture of dynasties can be noticed in the architecture, food and also the language of its inhabitants. The city hosts each year different festivals and Moussem. We will be visiting the ramparts, walls, and towers which were built by the Portuguese and it surrounds the old city of Asilah, also we will visit the Palace of Raisuni that was built in 1909. Finally we will take the road to Tangier and spend the night there.

Discover Tangier

Hotel: Hotel 3-4*

The gateway to Africa, Tangier the city that has a long history that some of historians linked it with the Greek mythology; with the cave of Hercules, most of them say that the name of the city was in fact the name of the daughter of the son of Poseidon. The city is located in a fantastic location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. So after taking your breakfast we will visit some attractive places in the city, the beginning will be the Kasbah of Tangier like all the cities of Morocco, in which one you will find the old and the new medina or city. The Kasbah of Tangier, a beautiful and majestic with its picturesque walls and doors (Bab). Inside the Kasbah we will visit the famous palace which was built in the 17th century, now transformed into a museum near the place of Mechouar. Later, we will visit the American Legation museum; it was built as recognition of the relationship between Morocco and USA.  It is a cultural center, museum, and a research library. Also to history lovers we will go to the Cave of Hercules and there you will hear beautiful and unbelievable stories about Hercules and his adventures in Tangier and other nearby cities. Before the sunset we should be sitting in the Hafa coffee shop, which is the famous café in Tangier and whoever visits the city must go there, a beautiful coffee shop with a panoramic view directly facing Europe. 

Tangier - Tetouan - Chefchaouen

Hotel: Hotel 3-4*

After that fully and educative day in Tangier, today we will move to another beautiful city in the north of Morocco too. The city of Chefchouen, but before we will pass by the city of Tetouan and its beautiful old and new Medina that covered with white color which explains the nickname of the city “the white dove”. A small visit between the walls of the old medina then we move back to our way to Chefchaouen. The blue pearl of Morocco, Chefchaouen the most picturesque city, its photos are everywhere. The white and blue streets attract tourists from all over the world with their cleanness and majestic mountains. The shopping in the traditional souk of Chefchaouen is one of the things that attracts tourist to visit the city, just the view of the clothes, the handmaid rugs, and other beautiful souvenirs.

Discover Chefchaouen

Hotel: Hotel 3-4*

Chefchaouen is a destination that attract Moroccans especially and international tourists in general because of its stunning nature exactly the waterfalls of Akchour to those who love hiking in the middle of forests. So today we will visit this natural site, mind blowing waterfalls in the middle of mountains and trees along the river. You can’t visit Akchour without having a picture or even try to pass the God’s Bridge, a very unique rock that looks like a stone arch standing over the Akchour River. Later we will go back to the accommodation in Chefchaouen

The Departure Day

After you have breakfast we will take you back to Casablanca so you take your flight back.

Thank you for choosing our Services and see you next time J !

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