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Travel insurance

We require you as a condition of your contract with Us for a package holiday that We are supplying to you, for you to have in place relevant travel insurance protection. Travel insurance is your entire responsibility

and an essential pre-requisite to booking a holiday with Us. You must ensure that you (and all members of your party) have sufficient travel insurance in place to cover you, together with your personal property, at all times and for all potential risks.

You must ensure that your insurance covers you for the full duration of your holiday including, but not limited to, medical expenses, injury, death, repatriation, cancellation and curtailment, and in respect of any sports or activities that you may wish to do whilst on your holiday. You must also ensure that there are no exclusion clauses limiting protection for the type of activities included in your holiday. Evidence of sufficient cover may need to be provided at time of booking. If you do not have holiday insurance cover at the time of booking, you may personally be liable for cancellation charges. For all clients arranging their own insurance, we may ask for full details of the insurance company, policy number and 24- hour emergency contact number. It is imperative that you familiarise yourself with the details and conditions of your policy and that you notify your insurance company of any pre-existing medical condition. Failure to do so can invalidate the insurance cover.

Health Requirements and InsuranceYou represent and warrant that you and everyone travelling with you are physically and otherwise fit to travel and to undertake the activities included in your itinerary.

The tour may visit many destinations in a number of countries, and may contain difficult terrain and water crossings. The tour may include developing countries where facilities available to guests in those countries may not be sufficient if you (or anyone in your group) is not able to walk without assistance or accompaniment. There may also be restrictions (due to the types of tours that you may contemplate joining) on the equipment or additional aides that you (or a member of your group) may wish to bring with you for your comfort or ease if you are not able to walk or manoeuvre without assistance or accompaniment. You therefore need to check with Us at the time of booking to see whether the proposed tour that you and your group wish to join are appropriate for you and all members of your group. We may ask you to go through various questions to check whether travelling on the proposed tour is possible for you and all members of your group, and We may make suggestions for how the tour could be taken with certain adjustments (if required), or whether a different tour may need to be offered to you, in order to fit with any requirements that you or any member of your group may need to have in place in terms of assistance or accompaniment to be able to enjoy their holiday. Regretfully, we cannot provide individual assistance to a guest for walking, dining or other personal needs.

You are solely responsible for checking (on your own behalf and on behalf of all those in your group) with your (or the group member’s) doctor as to which vaccination (including from any specific illness or exposure to animals) or medication are recommended or required for destination for those travelling and for any assistance that may be required.

We cannot accept any responsibility for your failure to comply with the necessary medical, passport or visa requirements.

All passengers must have adequate insurance cover against cancellation, illness, repatriation loss of luggage etc. You should advise Us and your booking agent of the name of your own insurer for the insurance policy that you have taken out that will provide you with adequate insurance cover.